We carry out a depilation by wax and sugar paste, both to men and women.

Depilation - is a method of mechanical removal of undesirable hair. Hair can be removed by a razor, special creams, wax, sugar paste, an epilator or tweezers. It is remarkable that over time a part of damaged follicles perishes: hair become thinner and rare, pain decreases.

Waxing techniques and tips


Eyelash extension

An eyelash extension - is a procedure during which one or several artificial (the glue made one of a special formula) eyelashes are sticked to a natural one. During this procedure exclusively professional tools for an eyelash extension are used. A variety and the choice of means, which are available for us, will pleasantly surprise you. We will help you to pick up suitable eyelashes. During an eyelash extension we can create any effect you would like to get – a cat's (fox), a squirrel’s eyes, natural effect, rays, color or a subtle shade.

An extension of eyelashes - the fine decision for women and girls who appreciate the time and wants to look faultless always and everywhere.

For the Volume - equipment especially thin, flexible and easy eyelashes that are similar to a human hair are used. They don't overload the natural eyelashes and allow to create both especially natural and bright effect 6D (and more).



Manicure - a cosmetic procedure, during which a nail form for hands is shaped and a cuticle is removed. The massage movements rub special oil and cream on a skin of fingers and hands.



A pedicure - is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails. During a pedicure nails are given the form, dead skin cells on the bottom of feet are rubbed off, a peeling (srub) is performed. The massage movements rub special oil and cream in a skin of toes and a foot.


Painting and correction of eyebrows

Painting and correction of eyebrows - is a cosmetic procedure during which eyebrows are given the necessary form and color. We correct eyebrows both tweezers and wax. Rather big choice of available paints will allow us to pick up necessary color and brightness.